Monday, March 19, 2012

iPhone Wallets

Today i was able to go to Jo Anns! We don't live near any fabric stores, so every once in a while we take the trip up there! I was so excited hehe i got a bunch of new fabrics! They are adorable. I also finally was able to get some fabric to make my son's diaper bag! I feel so bad i haven't been able to make it, i have been so busy with orders! I am determined to take sometime and make it for him!

I am busy with orders and wanted to show you some pics of what i have done. I made a couple of iPhone wallets (i love these) and all my customers love them as well.. since they are so practical.

These are the iPhone Wallets. They have three pockets.. one for your iPhone/wallet. and the other two are for cash and credit cards. This also has the key fob so you can attach to your keys. but i do make some wristlets to attach to the key fob.. so you know exactly where your phone and money. No more having to look through your purse for the ringing phone, or your wallet! It also closes with an elastic. So everything is nice and secure.

 Made with beautiful purple and flower fabric.

 How the inside looks like.
This is a black and white fabric. I love how this one looks. I think it looks classy! :)
How the inside looks like :)

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  1. Love the black and white. Do you still sell this design as an iphone wallet? My SIL has a birthday coming up next week and this would be a perfect gift for her.