Monday, April 30, 2012

New Things!

I have been working on lots of new things!! Yes i have been busy! I am going to be hosting a "Purse Party" soon and i need to make a bunch of stuff! More details on the "Purse Party" later!

I have been working on my sons diaper bag and finally i finished it! Its so cute, and i love it.

I just love how this Chevron bifold wallet turned out! its so cute! and so useful!! You can fit everything you need in here and just use it as a wristlet. Especially made for the women who don't like to hold a purse..
 Here is one of the new items to Crafty Frog Designs. The boo boo pouches! I love these and made one for my daughter to keep in the diaper bag!
 This is another Boo boo pouch made with skull fabric! These can be used in so many ways!
And last but not least! The bow wristlet made with cotton, and faux leather!
I love this wristlet!! You can use it everyday but you can also use it for classy events!

Why not go handmade, no one will have the same thing you have!?

I hope you all like it! And if you do, you can find these in my shop!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Boo Boo Pouches

This is the newest item to Crafty Frog Designs!
This is a pouch that has a see through side, so you will be able to see what you need. No more having to look through a bunch of items.It has a zipper closure, so everything is secure inside. Its made with clear vinyl and fabric.

I call them Boo Boo pouches because that's what i made them for. To be like a little first aid kit! I will eventually have a first aid kit to be able to go with this, if you would like to give it away as a gift.

I made these to help keep you orgnaized! I'm a mom and i need all the organization i can get. Especaially when my daughter is a little clumsy :)

But these little pouches can be use for so many other things!
- traveling
- toys
-first aid kit
-make up
- crayons / paints
- medications (inhaler, epi pen, diabetes items)

I will have a variety of colors in these pouches! So be on the look out!

What do you think of this item? Do you like it!?

Monday, April 23, 2012

New and improved Bifold Wallet

I loved the bifold wallet i made before, but i wanted it to be unique and a little more different from others. So i came up with this adorable new version, the bifold wallet/wristlet.

This is the old bifold wallet. I liked it, but it seems like everyone was making one..

This is the new bifold wallet/wristlet.

 It has a removable wristlet. So you can use it when you just need your wallet. No more having to transfer your important IDs and credit cards. You will have everything you need.
It has 6 credit card slots. two large inside pockets and a vinyl slot for your ID. It closes with a heavy duty snap

This is how the removable wristlet is attached. You can easily remove it, use it as a clutch or keep it on.

This is the outside. It also has another large pocket on the outside. Sou you can keep important papers on hand. It also closes with a pearl snap. To keep everything secure inside.

I just love this new wallet. and will be making one for myself when ever i get the chance. :)

I hope you like!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Diaper Clutch

I have been wanting to make a diaper clutch for a while now. I made some prototypes, and finally got one i liked. I made this one for one of my customers. I loved how it turned out. I'm going to start making more  to add to my shop!

The diaper clutch includes a changing mat, and two pockets to hold your wipes and diapers. The clutch closes with Velcro.

 This is how it looks when its closed

This is how it looks when its opened. two big pockets for diapers and wipes. And a very comfy changing pad. Its padded so your baby wont have to lay on a hard surface. the two pockets can even be used as a little pillow!

I hope you like!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Faux Leather

I have been working on new fabric. I have never worked on faux leather before and i love it! I love how it feels and how it looks! Makes my items look even classier! :)

I have made a few items out of faux leather and absolutely love the results! Here are some pics! What do you guys think?

 I made two faux leather clutches! The pink flower makes it so pretty! This is perfect for a wedding or a formal event

 I also made a ID zipper Pouch. 

This is a wristlet! Its made with cotton fabric and faux leather! I just love how it looks!

I will be buying more when i run out! Thank you so much for reading!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

ID Zipper Pouches

These are so adorable and yet so practical! It can hold you ID and its visible. Its great especially when you need to show your ID a lot. Great for students and teachers, even nurses! The ID slot closes with a snap so your ID is nice and secure. There is also a zipper pouch, that safely secures the small items you need. Such as cash, or cap stick or something.

I can make them in any color! I have some great teacher fabric, cant wait to make them!

This one is made with faux leather

The next version I'm going to be making is a long strap attached to the pouch so you can carry it around your neck. I hope you like!

Etsy shop

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Glow in the Dark Bubbles

While i was shopping for all my fabrics and supplies... i like to go in the kid/summer section for my daughter. I love doing "crafty" stuff with her. So i found the glow in the dark bubbles! I couldn't believe it.. so i had to buy it!! So we waited til it was night time and the fun began!!

i know the picture is hard to see, but you can see her glowing. It got all over us. Our hair, clothes and on the grass. :) it doesn't hurt or stain. Our neighbors thought we where crazy !

But we def had a great time! i will be buying some more soon!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Hi! I hope you are doing well! I have been super busy with my new son and trying to keep up with my business!
I love sewing and trying to make things better than before. i have been working on three items and i absolutely loved the results! I worked on the bifold wallet, the mini wallet, and also the notepad portfolio. They hold more items, and make life a little bit more easier. Especially when having a big purse like i do!

Bifold Wallet / Wristlet
Here is the new bifold wallet / wristlet ..


- 3 large pockets (2 on inside and 1 outside)
- detachable wristlet
- can be used as a clutch
- 6 credit card slots
- 2 snaps
This is the view of the detachable wristlet.
very cute. Now this is especially great for on the go situations. When you only need your wallet and you don't want to bring your whole purse. You can even fit your phone! 
 Here is the inside looks.With two pockets and 6 credit card slots. It closes with a heavy duty snap, to keep everything secure!
                                                      Mini Trifold Wallet
The trifold wallet is such a cute little accessory but yet so practical! It has two pockets. perfect for your business cards, credit cards and cash. and it also has a vinyl card slot to keep your ID safe and handy. This also has key fob to be able to hang it on your keys or purse, to easily access it! It closes with a nice pearl snap to keep everything secure.  

Here is the Mini Notepad Portfolio! I make a bigger size but i needed one to keep with me at all times of the day! To write notes, and remind me of things. I also have little odd and ends that i always carry. So i thought of this cute little guy! It has a zipper on the front. To carry all the loose stuff.

This is the inside. To fit a little spiral notepad. It also has a 3 pockets. one to fit a pen and the other two  loose papers and it also has a vinyl card slot to easily see and access your ID, Business cards, or even credit cards!

Well I hope you like them! I sure do! Have a good night! :)