Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Custom Orders

So i have been working on a lot of custom orders. Which i absolutely love. I love creating things out of nothing and letting my imagination run wild! Not only that, but that's one of the reasons why i started my business. I wanted to create what you want. Everything from the style, to the color, and all the little details. So you have your own unique stylish item made for you! You don't have to go to the store wishing, that the purse had an extra pocket, or a zipper instead of the snap.... You tell me what you want and i make it!

I'm pretty good with timing as well. I love to make it and send it out to you as soon as possible. I work with you and always want to make you happy! I make purses, to zipper pouches, to clutches, even to scarfs!

I want my service to be the best, and want you to come back! In other words i just want you to be happy with what i make for you :)

Just want to show you some of the custom orders i have done! :)

This is actually for one of my best customers! She has bought from me many times. A beautiful hobo bag and matching wristlet :)

I live in Baltimore! haha so someone wanted a scarf made! I was more than happy to create a Baltimore Ravens scarf.

Another repeat customer! She is great and started up her own business and wanted a notepad portfolio and a matching pouch for her phone.

This is a diaper bag / weekender bag. I love how big it is. This customer wanted skulls! I love how it turned out!

Beautiful unique clutch. This was made for another business owner who wanted to take this to craft shows to put her money.

An ID badge holder

A beautiful zipper pouch

I absolutely love this one. I'm not big into camo but the pink and camo go nicely together!

So many different ideas i wish i could sit down and sew all day! hehe but i cant... that's why i love taking custom orders!

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