Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Baking today not Crafting !

today we baked! not crafted! well who knows? we will probably do some crafts tonight or later on today! we made a puerto rican desert! (yes I'm puerto rican!) and its a desert that we usually make around Christmas time... but i really wanted some so we made them! plus my hubby loves them! :) Ari, my daughter, loves them too!
sugar 1/2 cup
shortening 1/2 cup
butter 1/2 cup
egg yolk 1
vanilla 1 tsp
almond extract 1 1/2 tsp
flour 2 1/4 cups
mix in sugar, shortening, butter, and yolk, vanilla, and almond
mix well, and it should look like this! nice and whipped!
after all that you add the flour in and use your hands to knead through it.
the dough should look like this!
put them on tin foil roll them into balls and poke little holes like my daughter is doing!
she def loved this part!
after you make them you probably have some left overs, i just put it in some tin foil and put it in the freezer til next time!
now put it in the oven! 350* for 15-20 min

now there done! yay! time to eat!

i hope you enjoyed it!