Friday, October 15, 2010

Melting Crayons!

                                                                Melting Crayons Tutorial:

My daughter has this thing when she gets new crayons she starts ripping off the paper and breaks them in half! I'm like no! lol so i had a bunch of crayons broken and I'm like i don know what to do! i remember when i was little my daddy took all our crayons one day and melted them down and gave us totally new crayons! so i did a bit of research before i dived in and came up with this !

You need the double boiler method.. water in a pan and then like an old glass cup that you don't want or you don't like!

you also need a mold! and some old crayons!!
i used a toy mold from my daughter!

let the water simmer and put the crayons in!

the crayons are already melting!

see all melted! hurry before it starts getting hard again! Don't touch the glass with your hands ! its super hot! i just used my husbands tool!

and pour it into your mold!

wait a little, let it harden a little on the top before you put it in the freezer! i put it in there for five minutes!

and see you get your pretty crayon!

here is my tester! she loves it! and she cant break it! yay! lol

and i went a head and did some more!

look at the mess!! lol

here are the crayons i made!!

hope you enjoyed the tutorial!