Monday, April 23, 2012

New and improved Bifold Wallet

I loved the bifold wallet i made before, but i wanted it to be unique and a little more different from others. So i came up with this adorable new version, the bifold wallet/wristlet.

This is the old bifold wallet. I liked it, but it seems like everyone was making one..

This is the new bifold wallet/wristlet.

 It has a removable wristlet. So you can use it when you just need your wallet. No more having to transfer your important IDs and credit cards. You will have everything you need.
It has 6 credit card slots. two large inside pockets and a vinyl slot for your ID. It closes with a heavy duty snap

This is how the removable wristlet is attached. You can easily remove it, use it as a clutch or keep it on.

This is the outside. It also has another large pocket on the outside. Sou you can keep important papers on hand. It also closes with a pearl snap. To keep everything secure inside.

I just love this new wallet. and will be making one for myself when ever i get the chance. :)

I hope you like!

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