Thursday, June 28, 2012

Business Card Holder

Today i spent the day with my daughter outside with her little princess castle pool! She had a blast playing. She really liked squirting the dog too. haha

So I was able to sew a little bit... I am trying to make a couple new iems to the shop... I keep drawing them out.. I know what i want to make and know how... but its picking out the right fabric! haha I cant wait to make the new items and show them to you all! :)

Today i made some business card holders! This item is small but so useful. I love having these on my purse or my keys.. you can have your business card on hand.. and dont have to go searching for them when someone asks for one. and of course it keeps you organized!

This one is made with funky pasiley fabric! Just love it!

This one is made with faux leather and lined with hot pink fabric.

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  1. How beautiful you design it..i wish to use something like that for plastic business cards..thanks for sharing it.