Saturday, June 9, 2012

Backpack Diaper Bag and Diaper Clutch

My customer told me these things:
She wanted a backpack, lots of pockets, and black and yellow bumble bees! I think I got it covered! This bag is so cute, and you can use it 3 different ways. It was adjustable straps so you can use it as a backpack, messenger style and a shoulder bag.
 Here is the front of the bag. It has a nice big flap. Has two side stretchy pockets and two pockets underneath the flap.
 Here is the backpack style you can use.
This picture shows you how you can use it with one strap.

My customer also said she wanted a matching diaper clutch.

And this is how the inside looks like. It has two pockets. One for your wipes and the other for diapers!

I hope you like it !

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