Friday, July 20, 2012

New Phone Case

Crafty Frog Designs gives you a new way of holding your phone, and accessories. I bet you get tired of taking your phone in and out of your purse when you are texting someone? Well now you dont have to! With this clear vinyl you can use your touch phone! Yes you can! No more searching for the phone when you need it the most. Its made with a zipper so your phone, and other accessories will not fall out of the case! This pouch also has a key fob and wristlet so you can wear it on your wristlet. You can even add it to your keys!

* Going to the beach! Well take one of these along with you! No more wetting your phone or getting sand all over your phone! Awesome!

* Can be used for your medications as well.. keep them handy. Great for kids too... just attach to your purse or backpacks..

1 comment:

  1. Your local phone retailer will probably have cases in stock, but have you checked out the prices lately! It's almost robbery what they charge. You can find lots of cases online. Don't think that cell cases are all generic and ugly because they aren't.