Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How to make labels - Tutorial

You will need Freezer paper.
Also scissors, paper, and white fabric and an iron.

Cut out a piece of freezer paper the size of the paper. take your iron and iron the freezer paper to the fabric.
Figure out what you want printed out. here is my logo for my side labels

I take out all the paper in my printer and put the ironed freezer paper, and fabric in the printer. Print it off!
Now you printed on fabric!! Yay!

Iron on the printed paper to seal the ink.

Then take off the fabric from the freezer paper!

Cut it up!

and now you have your labels... you can use this method for many different ways. you can print off some coloring pages for your child, and let them color on it. or like a picture!

I hope you like, and understood everything.. Its pretty simple, and so useful!


  1. Awesome Tutorial!! I will need to try this out. Thank You!!

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  3. I can't wait to do this again when I move home to Canada. They don't sell freezer paper here in Australia, I have only found it at a fabric store and that was AFTER I had already done them on printable fabric sheets! I do like the crispness of the printable fabric sheets, but will definitely try your way too. Janelle

    1. It was hard finding freezer paper here to! I finally found it at a place called mars. I use to use heat and bond. but it was harder for it to go through my printer for some reason... I like this way cause i can also put a string and hang a tag on my items! Also i use fray check on the edges of the fabric just in case.

  4. Thank you for sharing with us, i have been wondering how i could use freezer paper to print things for my patchwork. Will i be able to wash items made this way, without the printed picture disappearing ? Thanks again for the tip ! :)