Friday, March 4, 2011

Labels! and a Tutorial!

I still do not have my sewing machine. I'm so sad! but I need something to do! I cant just sit around and do nothing lol ha-ha but my two year old does keep me busy, but in the down time I love to do stuff… I was looking at a website for labels… to buy them and they cost 25 dollars for 25 of them… so a dollar a piece plus shipping and handling which was 5 dollars… so total 30 dollars!
ok so I was bored and starting look up how to use the  iron on paper that I heard works… so I looked up how much that cost and it was 8 dollars for 5 sheets of paper. ok not to bad… then I found a webpage or like a comment (I really don’t remember what page) that said print right on the fabric using an ink jet printer with freezer paper… by the time I found this out. my hubby already went to work and so I didn’t have the car…. ugh! right? so my head went to thinking! I grabbed my tape, a piece of paper, scissors, cotton fabric, and my printer!
so what I did was taped my cotton to a regular piece of paper. but you have to tape it even no wrinkles on the fabric or your wording will be moved! ok next make your logo on your words page… I used a label helper that is already on the words page! then I took out all the paper out of the ink printer and put the piece of paper with cotton.. now hit print!
I was able to make two designs… now for the not fraying part… I'm gona use mod podge… I don’t have any right now since my last project.. so when I buy some, I will just paint it over and cut a little bit of the edges and no fraying!
all I have to do is just add to my purses or all my other stuff!
ha-ha cool right! I'm excited about it! and saving a lot of money doing this process my self!
ok well that’s it for tonight! hope you all had a good day!
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  1. Nice post! I just made new labels for myself a few days ago, and I must admit, they're a little addicting! I made like three different designs and I love them all.

    I was at Walmart with the boyface (not a fan of the store, but he needed something there), and in one of their crafty clearance sections, they had a package of Sew-On fabric paper for inkjet printers. There is about 8 sheets in the pack I believe, and it was only $9. I made my designs using a mailing label template in open office, and printed them out. I rinsed them off, let them dry and they turned out SO awesome. Honestly, better than some I've bought from Etsy before. They have a backing that you just peel off and I did two styles. One that is just a regular rectangle sew in, and another that I fold in half and sew in on the sides.

    Making your own supplies is so great. I hope you get your sewing machine soon! (Makes me feel guilty having 5! lol)

    Okay.. long comment. I'm done! hehe. :)

  2. Great job girl! This is so cool and thank you for showing it off to all of us.


  3. Thank you so much for liking my post! It really means a lot to me!!

  4. Hey there! What kind of cotton fabric did you use? And where did you purchase it. Thx for the tute :)