Thursday, September 30, 2010

Homemade Exfoliation Tutorial!

So i love everything handmade! and i like to know whats in the things i buy! this exfoliation is very simple with only three ingredients! but its very effective! my husbands loves it shhhh don't tell him i told you! :) but anyway! i use it once a week... i read somewhere before if you exfoliate to much you will start taking away the live cells on your skin... and when you exfoliate you only want to take off the dead skin cells... makes sense right!
so here we go:

- sugar
- vegetable or olive oil
(preferably olive oil but this is what i had on hand)
- baking soda

put them all together... I'm not a big measurement person so i just put in enough to make me and my husband some! then you put it on your face... the sugar is going to scratch a little but don worry.. i think it feels good... keep rubbing all over your face! and rinse off with some warm water! and your all done!
simple but effective!

thanks for reading!
hope you all enjoy it!
God Bless

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